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Tech News Today 134: Drudge Dread

by TWiT

Published December 9, 2010

Fake Amazon receipt scam? Death of VGA, GTA is one man's life... literally, and more.

Run time 43:16
Producer TWiT
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Tom Merritt
Kirsten Sanford
Denise Howell
Jason Howell


Top Stories

First arrest made in WikiLeaks revenge attacks
Anonymous attack on appears to fail
Amazon Explains Why It’s Okay to Sell Books About the WikiLeaks Stuff It Won’t Host
PayPal Releases Funds to WikiLeaks as Supporters Strike Back
Facebook, Twitter boot WikiLeaks supporters after Visa attack
Wikileaked: a foreign policy journal devoted to the Wikileaks releases

Fake Amazon Receipt Generator Targets Unsuspecting Online Merchants

Intel and AMD sign death warrant for VGA port

Discussion Stories

No harm, no foul? P2P user says $1.5M award should be zeroed out
Judge to copyright troll: get lost
Copyright troll Righthaven sues for control of Drudge Report domain

Google pitches Exchange backup with Postini
Minor corollary, Google says it's open to Chrome store outside of Chrome

Apple to rely on Intel's Sandy Bridge graphics in future MacBooks, AMD GPUs in MacBook Pros?
Intel processors coming to tablets, smartphones in 2011

Privacy project uses cryptography to reduce shared info

News Fuse

Starz movies? Netflix don't need no stinking Starz movies-- is not what Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told an investors conference Wednesday, but he did say that he “can live without” renewing a deal for streaming rights from Starz, which deliver movies from Disney and Sony Hastings is essentially signaling Netflix is focusing on the TV shows part of the services as much as movies if not more.

Google exec Andy Rubin announced that 300,000 Android phones are activated every day, up from the 200,000 Google claimed in August. For comparison, Steve Jobs said in October that "Apple was activating 270,000 iOS devices per day on average, with occasional daily peaks of 300,000. As more Android handsets come out, the Android activation number is expected to rise.

The Winklevoss Twins, who allege Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook for them, apparently got all riled up by the Social Network movie. After a settlement valued at $65 million in 2008, the twins now say they want to unsettle. They claim that Facebook never told them what their shares were worth, so they did the math themselves. Apparently their math was wrong, and it's Facebook's fault.

YouTube announced today that it’s getting rid of it's oldest defense against copyright infringement, the 15-minute limit on the duration of videos uploaded by users. Eliminating the limit suggests that YouTube is pretty happy with how well its Content ID system works at preventing infringing material form being uploaded. The limit will be lifted slowly, not for all users at once.

Are you a young urban well-educated woman-- possibly hispanic? You use Twitter! Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project determined those are the categories of American Internet users most likely to use Twitter. Overall, eight percent of U.S. online adults use Twitter, or six percent of the total American adult population. That's the same percentage as admit to driving drunk, and who wanted Congress re-elected.

Perhaps it was all a long con. Michael Birch sold to AOL in 2008 for $850 million. That was before Facebook was quite so dominant. AOL later dumped it for a reported $10 million, earlier this year. Now Birch has re-invested in Bebo and will hang around as an advisor for the site, working on new products. And presumably laughing maniacally in private at the consummation of all his plans, mwahahah.

Warning the following is an iPad rumour. A myriad of pictures show Chinese-manufactured iPad cases with space for a headphone jack, a hole for a camera on the back, a place for one dock connector (not two), and a mysterious slit on the bottom. We now take you back to your regular unblurry video programming.

And bring you a prediction instead. Chitika, which has been tracking iPad adoption rates on its ad network predicts iPads will generate 2.3% of North American net traffic by the end of 2011. The iPad accounts for 0.83 percent of all traffic on Chitika’s network now, placing it on par with Linux.

An American model, Michael Washington (known as "Shagg") is suing Rockstar games — as well as parent company Take Two Interactive — because they based Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on his life. If so, why is he suing instead of barging into their offices and just taking the money he wants?

Kickers and Weird Science

Kinect finally fulfills its Minority Report destiny (video)


Two Days After Unveiling, Cr-48 Chrome Notebook Already Showing Up On Doorsteps
Report: Mac App Store Debut Expected in January
Best Buy Mobile offering iPhone 3GS for free on December 10th
Save Captain Crunch
Be a part of TNT this holiday season!


Zap answers back about Chrome web Apps - Tom said "So it's good for devleopers, but not so good for me as a user when I could get stuff on the web for free." "No no Tom, it's not about...."

Anonymous: Why Android eats more data than iPhone


"Hi TNT crew,

Yesterday you reported on a study showing that Android users use more data than iPhone 4 users. As a former iPhone owner and current Android user, I think it simply comes down to background apps: On the iPhone twitter and facebook fetch updates when the app is launched. However, on Android a lot of apps remain in memory and have the option to update in the background. It's nice because my Twitter feed is usually up-to-date but it does increase data usage and battery drain.

Love the show, Jason in Austin, TX"

"Tom & Co,

Couldn't the .gov make wikiLeaks ineffective by giving them what they want; why not just pour a terabyte a day of crap documents into their servers ... making the 'real' leaks a needle in a big haystack?

Just a thought. Love the show.



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